Hijab clips

No more pins

esarp clips


Pins hijab exceptionally comfortable and easy clamping device for holding scarves and shawls can be tied under the chin or along a distinctive quality.
A great collection of hijab clips and brooches. The hijab clip is similar to a hijab pin. It comes with a decorative piece attached to a clip.
This hijab clip is like a crocodile clip or a beak style clip, you press the edges on one end to open the clip and once you let go, it closes shut.
We love these as they offer you a great number of uses:
1. Easy to use and wear.
2. Attach to your hijab or scarf to hold the hijab in place.
3. Use as a decorative effect on your hijab or lapel.
4. Much kinder to your hijabs than a pin or slide.
5. Comes in many wonderful designs.
The brooch is also a great alternative to use alongside hijab clips as they offer ease of use and are a perfect accessory to wear on your hijab or with your outfit.


3 thoughts on “Hijab clips

  1. Can you please send me more details about the price of Hijab Clips . Do you have any other collection other than the one that you showed above? I am interested since I need to re-sell in our country. Hopefully you can give the special price as well.

    Agus Suryadi

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